Biota 3

Multi-media performance – Movement by Janice Lancaster, Sound by Kimathi Moore, Projected Imagery by Gene A. Felice II – InLight Richmond – November 2022

For the InLight 2022 event, we created a floating, sculptural projection / performance space installed on Youngs Pond in Bryan Park. From the adjacent shore area, Felice projected site specific imagery from the Mobile Coaction Lab onto the floating structure and the surrounding landscapes, exploring the delicate balance maintained by native ecosystems. Janice Lancaster danced within and around these sculptural projection surfaces, interacting with its structures on the floating performance space and the light and sound projected from shore. We created connections between human and non-human organisms, exploring both native and invasive species to build empathy for often ignored or unseen life across a multitude of scales. The floating structure contained an internal, LED lighting system that was controlled remotely from shore, allowing for a unique blend of projected imagery on the outside and illumination from the inside. To complete the installation the floating structure also reflected on the water, creating a double sided / 360°, illusory form.