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Living Windows
Ebb & Flow : Summer Research 2019
The Mobile Coaction Lab (MCL)
FLOW Fort Knox – 7/29/17 Projection Mapping Event Photos & Video
FLOW Fort Knox – 6/24/17 Main Event Photos & Video
Mobile Coaction Lab (MCL) work-in-progress
No Plan B – Final Event Photos / Video
No Plan B v.2 – Collaboration with Alison Chase Movement
FLOW Fort Knox – Saturday, June 24th 3 to 11pm – Free / All Ages
No Plan B v.1 – Collaboration with Alison Chase Movement
The Mobile Coaction Lab (MCL)
FLOW Fort Knox – June 24th 2017 – Open Call for participation
The Algae Collaborative
The {Re}HAPPENING 2017
New Collaboration with Alison Chase / Performance
Oceanic Scales Educational Game App / Unity Development / Paid Internship – Spring 2017
Projection Mapping the Schooner Timberwind
FLOW – photos & video
FLOW: An evening of water themed light & projection
3D prints of Zebrafish embryo scans
Geo Planters
3D Scan to 3D Print to Glass Casting
Converting 3D Tomogram scans of Phytoplankton into functional 3D printed manipulatives
Transflux Opening – More Photos…
Transflux Opening at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Coactive Systems
Oceanic Scales