The {Re}HAPPENING 2017

The University of Maine, Intermedia MFA program and the Coaction Lab for Interdisciplinary collaboration are bringing a group of our IMFA graduate students to Lake Eden for the 2017 {Re}HAPPENING event in March of this year. Our proposal is to follow the “chance operations” theme of past {Re}HAPPENING events, facilitating our students to create ephemeral and site specific works of art on location, around the grounds of Lake Eden, adjacent to the beach and dining hall areas. This work will range from performance art, to installation to light and sound based digital story telling / immersive / interactive media. Additionally, the coaction lab will coordinate a projection mapping and sound based project that will be focused on the beach and boat / swimming docks of Lake Eden. We will create this multi-media installation on the diving platform where power is available, giving the high lumen / long throw projectors enough height and distance to project down onto the beach and lightly colored, wooden dock areas. Initial ideas will also explore the possibility of performers or light only moving through these dock spaces, but audience members will be restricted from this area due to safety / insurance reasons. The beach area will be a participatory zone where the audience will be encouraged to explore and become a part of the projected light environment. Both the beach area and the swimming / boat docks are highly visible from the dining hall and surrounding grounds and will serve as an architectural installation / performance space throughout the evening. In the case of inclement weather, all projects can be relocated to the gymnasium. Video projection can be set up to project from the floor up onto the ceiling or onto the floor / wall areas, from up on the bleachers / side areas of the gym. We will also be bringing our own documentation team, shooting photos and video from 4k cameras and an advanced aerial drone-based camera system.